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Old Ciseco XRF modules

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Old Ciseco XRF modules

Post by AutoHouse » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:12 pm

I have been using these modules from Ciseco for years, until they shut down the shop, as another company bought them. At that time I switched to ESPs, and now have dozens of XRFs lying around. If anyone needs them, I am willing to practically give them away. Let's say $2 a piece (they were sold for $15). :shock: Yeah I know, but those were the times when ESPs were just starting to gain the momentum.

Here's a short description

XRF Wireless Data Module

With an equivalent of over 40 million hours of run time in the field, the XRF is an extremely popular, easy to use, RF serial data module. Alongside it popularity, It's great range and XBee styled pin layout makes it a must have for any hobbyist or inventor.

The XRF provides an "out of the box" wireless RF serial connection without any need for programming or end-user configuration. When we say plug them in and go, we mean it, they transfer serial data transparently without any initial configuration.

Operating in the ISM bands (868 to 915 MHz), the XRF has greater range than Bluetooth, WiFi or Zigbee style 2.4 GHz units that sport the same footprint. We have had reports from customers sending data over more than 3 Km using the standard supplied whip antennas!

XBee socket friendly 2 x 10 pin 2mm pitch layout RF module, in many projects it'll be a drop in replacement for XBees. Potentially this means your existing code needs no changes.

Note: An XRF cannot talk to an XBee they use different frequencies.


The XRF run's at 315 to 900Mhz not the 2400Mhz the XBee does.
Much lower power consumption (32mA Tx, 20mA Rx, unlike the 52mA an XBee uses)
Nominal 500m range (XBee 90m)
3.3V 5v tolerant data lines (can be used with a 5v micro without level conversion)
Supports network identifier PANID for communications into separate networks if desired
Configurable baud rates from 1200 up to 115200
Free, easy to use configuration software
Can be programmed in it's own right. We suggest the free version of IAR's C compiler as there is TI sample code published on the web.

Advanced features:

Multi frequency support. A single unit can be set to "range extender mode".
Can be configured for remote programming of Arduino boards (Try doing that with an XBee!)
Comes complete with 82mm wire "whip" antenna.

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Re: Old Ciseco XRF modules

Post by tony1tf » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:13 am

I'd like to buy some of these modules if you still have them. You price in $ so are you in the US? So postage costs might be high? Email me please - tabbey01 at gmail.com

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Re: Old Ciseco XRF modules

Post by AutoHouse » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:47 am

Hi @tony1tf ! No, I'm in Europe, but $ is still more widely spread, so I priced them in $. The shipping cost should not be too hight since the modules are light and small. Where are you from?

Send me a PM, and we will work something out.

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