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ESP8266 random resets

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ESP8266 random resets

Post by oTp » Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:53 pm

I have many ESPs running all over the place and they mostly behave fine, but I do get some resets that I think should not happen. I would say one every day, but not on all ESPs.

I believe there were almost none before I started using the MQTT library, but I can't be sure. When switching to MQTT based communication, my code changed pretty much. Does anyone know if the PubSubClient library can cause resets? I did notice that calling client.publish() too quickly in succession is not a good idea. So I added a small delay between calls and all is fine now.

I run almost no other code. Some WiFi RSSI checking, GPIO reading/writing, and that is it. I can post the complete code if someone would be interested to look.