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Smart Home Automation project competition

Starting with 2018 we will hold quarterly Smart Home Automation project competitions! There will also be prizes for the winners!
Read more in the official Competition topic.

Q1 - ESP8266 EVSE WiFi car charger

Area for 2018 Smart Home Automation projects competitions
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Q1 - ESP8266 EVSE WiFi car charger

Post by EV1 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:40 am

OK, then I'll join the competition too.

For some time now I wanted a smart WiFi enabled charger for my electric car. But there is not much on the market or, it is waaaay to expensive.
So, I'll try and build something like this:


But with some simplifications, and with ESP8266 instead of arduino. Right now, I'm stils in the early stages of research and part ordering. I'll publish progress as I go...