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Step down adjustable buck converter

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Step down adjustable buck converter

Post by oTp » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:51 pm

I just came across this super-mini DC/DC converter. It has a high input voltage range. From 4.5 to 24V. And the best part, it has an adjustable output voltage. From 0.8V to 17V. With fixed steps at 1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5V 9V 12V for easier and quick setting.


Specs from the supplier below. I would not count on the max power rating, but it is powerful enough for any microcontroller plus peripherals.
And it is crazy small!! 2 x 1 x 0.5cm :) For the project where size matters!

input voltage : 4.5-24V
Output Current : 3A (MAX) actual testing input 12V output 1.5A
Output Voltage:integration adjustable and fixed output,back side can choose fiexd output voltage
Adjustable Range:0.8-17V,fixed voltage (1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5V 9V 12V)
Efficiency : Up to 97.5% (6.5 to 5V 0.7A)
Switching frequency : 500KHZ
Output ripple : 20mV (12V to 5V 3A),20M band width
Quiescent Current: 0.85MA
Load regulation: ± 1%
Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
Dynamic response speed : 5% 200uS
Output Overvoltage Protection : no
Output short circuit protection : Yes ( not for a long time )
Input Reverse Polarity Protection : no
Connecting Type:soldering
Input Way:soldering
Soldering Hole Space:2.54mm
EN : enable port ; IN+ : Input positive ; GND : public negative ; VO+ : output positive
Size : approx.20mm x11mm x5mm